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Elegant Foot Jewelry & Accessories 

Silver Chain Rhinestone Barefoot Sandals
Bohemian Garden Wedding

My Story

How I got started...

While I was out sight seeing in this beautiful canyon on vacation one year an earring was found sitting there on a rock.  Thinking, ok anyone could lose an earring, I quickly dismissed it.  A year and a bit later, I went on another vacation.  Again, out sight seeing in a different canyon in a different country an earring was found just laying there on the ground.  This time I thought, hmmm is someone trying to point me in the direction of designing jewelry!  I got my answer a few weeks later.  A friend posted something on their social media account about barefoot sandals and I immediately put everything together. 3 months later Barefoot Designs By Crystal was born.

What Our Customers Have To Say


These are going to be perfect for my beach wedding!  I was expecting to open my box and just see my product but the presentation was an added surprise.  She even included a hand written thank you card!  It's clear she takes pride in her work and genuinely cares and appreciates your business.  Something very rare these days.

Janet - Leah Sandals

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