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There really is some amazing history into #wedding day #traditions. When I think of tradition, I look at things like....where did it originally come from and why or is this something that is necessary and can this tradition be broken. Let's take a small dive into some of these traditions and where they came from.

Each week, I put out another wedding tradition blog as I find it fascinating to see how far we have come from what use to be or if the tradition is still somewhat the same, so stay tuned because these line-up of blogs is gonna get interesting.

If you missed last weeks, that is ok as you can find the link at the bottom. I talked about the tradition of why a bride walks down the aisle with flowers and let me tell you, that was an interesting tradition to look into. This week, I am diving into the whole subject of a bride wearing white.


So I thought this was actually quite interesting the more I dug into this one. I have always been told that traditionally a bride was suppose to wear white for her wedding as it was a sign of purity and that it was almost like a guarantee that the husband to be was getting a bride that was still a virgin. This is one tradition that is still floating around, but many brides in today's world (including myself when I got married) have chosen to go with something other than white and not follow this specific tradition not because of not being "pure" but because we said #yestothedress to some other colour we liked.

Looking back prior to Queen Victoria, it was actually normal for brides to wear colourful #dresses to their wedding. This was because back in the day not too long ago but long enough, brides wanted something that could be worn over again. They didn't have a closet full of amazing dresses that could be worn only once as it was expensive to own these beautiful items. Women may have only owned a handful (if that) of dresses and if a woman couldn't find something suitable in her closet she would borrow it from a family member or a friend.

If a woman was #wealthy enough to own multiple dresses, then you may have found that the bride wore white to her wedding as a sign to others that she was wealthy as she could afford to have the dress cleaned. Queen Victoria wore white, not to show off her #purity but to show off the detail in the lace and it was because of this that the tradition of wearing white came to be.


Checkout these other wedding traditions that we have researched. Have one of your own that you would like us to research, comment on this blog and we will check it out.

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