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Updated: Mar 10

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There really is some amazing history into #wedding day #traditions. When I think of tradition, I look at things like....where did it originally come from and why or is this something that is necessary and can this tradition be broken. Let's take a small dive into some of these traditions and where they came from.

Each week, I put out another wedding tradition blog as I find it fascinating to see how far we have come from what use to be or if the tradition is still somewhat the same, so stay tuned because these line-up of blogs is gonna get interesting.

If you missed last weeks, that is ok as you can find the link at the bottom. I talked about the tradition of a #bride #wearing #white. This week, I am diving into the whole subject of bridesmaids dressing the same as the bride.


Look at photos of all the brides out there that have recently gotten #married and it is safe to say that #bridesmaids are dressed in very different outfits than the #bride. This is a tradition that is actually quite new to weddings as early as the late 20th century to early 21st century. In fact, I have come across many brides who want their maid (matron) of honor to be dressed differently than the bridesmaids.

Oddly, and I had a hard time with this one when I researched it, but before the 20th century, bridesmaids actually dressed quite identical to the bride even right down to wearing a veil. To this day, there are many cultures who still keep this tradition alive.

Bridesmaids of course didn't wear the same dress, but they wore something similar so that they could fulfill their "duty" and ward off evil spirits. It was meant as a confusion factor for these evil spirits so that the lovely couple getting #hitched could say their vows. It has been said that when Queen Victoria got married, she actually requested that only herself and her bridesmaids wear white to the wedding and that no one else was allowed.


Checkout these other wedding traditions that we have researched. Have one of your own that you would like us to research, comment on this blog and we will check it out.

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