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Becoming a friend of ours doesn't mean that we will bombard you with emails.

As of Sept 1, 2019 we will only be sending out 1 email per week each Tuesday. Each email will be something different and may contain things like a new blog post, new products or even contain upcoming savings events that you don't want to miss.

We get it, these days many people are asking you to subscribe to "their" emails, how are we any different.

Here is why; We don't want our friends to miss out, but we also don't want to make our friends feel annoyed or overwhelmed by the amount of emails. Your email goes no further than us, meaning we won't give your email out to anyone or sell it. Maybe there is a special item that you have been keeping your eye on and than presto an email comes through saying its on sale. Or maybe a friend of yours is getting married and a sale for Buy One Get One half off comes through. Maybe you like interesting or funny articles to read.

By signing up and subscribing to our emails, lets you know what we have been up to.

Subscribe today, and get a free thank you gift (say what - a free gift - that's right, FREE!) when you make your first purchase from our website within 3 months of signing up.

Visit our homepage HERE and at the bottom of the screen is the mailing list button. Be sure to put your first name and last name with correct email address.

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As a subscriber, opening up your emails from us is super important because here is an interesting fact. Our website provider does a lot of work for us.......thank god! Can you imagine if we had to go through thousands of emails every time we wanted to send something to see who is interested, who has unsubscribed, who hasn't been opening their emails. That would be a lot of work for us! That means we wouldn't have the time to design new products. Well, our website provider is so good (again.....thank god!), that it automatically decreases the amount of email addresses we send to each time when emails don't get opened and calls them "inactive emails". Maybe you were on vacation for a couple of the emails that came through, just be sure to go back and open them as soon as you can.


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