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There really is some amazing history into #wedding day #traditions. When I think of tradition, I look at things like....where did it originally come from and why or is this something that is necessary and can this tradition be broken. Let's take a small dive into some of these traditions and where they came from.

Each week, I put out another wedding tradition blog as I find it fascinating to see how far we have come from what use to be or if the tradition is still somewhat the same, so stay tuned because these line-up of blogs is gonna get interesting.

If you missed last weeks, that is ok as you can find the link at the bottom. I talked about the tradition of #bridesmaids that wore the same as the #bride or something similar and why. This week, I am diving into the whole subject of the #honeymoon period and what use to be.


We are now in the 21st century and traditionally from what I have grown up with, a honeymoon is meant as a sign of #wedding #bliss. It is meant as a time for the #happy #couple to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It is also meant as a way for the couple to reflect and let the new journey begin on starting a family if thats what they want.

It always hasn't been like this. In fact, when you go way back in #history to at least the 1500's, that is when the term 'honeymoon' first appeared in writing. It was meant as a way to warn #newly #weds about how their #love will #wane.

The sad part of history on honeymoons is when you go back in time, many women were captured against their will and forced into a marriage they didn't want to be in. Many times, this happened even without the families consent. The groom would then take the bride to a location that was a secret where no one knew where it was (the honeymoon period) and he would keep her there until she either became #pregnant or her family stopped looking for her. More often than not, she became pregnant and the groom would then return home with her and because she was pregnant the marriage could not be #nullified.


Checkout these other wedding traditions that we have researched. Have one of your own that you would like us to research, comment on this blog and we will check it out.

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