Simple and Elegant

2 of the most common phrases I hear on a regular basis are "I don't like my feet" or "my feet are not that nice to look at".

I get it! We all have parts of our body that we just don't like and many people don't like their feet. I completely understand where people are coming from.

There are many days during the summer that my feet are swollen from the humidity and heat waves. There are many days throughout the year that my left ankle swells to the size of half a golf ball as I sprained my ankle in the exact same spot twice 20 years apart. I dislike my baby toes...a lot!

LOVE your feet!

As humans, we tend to forget that our feet have stories to tell. Lots of stories! They carry us from point A to point B. We walk, we run, we skip, we jump. Our feet have carried us to some of the best moments in our life. Our feet have also took off running from some of the worst moments in our life. Our feet have marks on them with some being from surgery. Our feet might have weird shaped toe nails. Whatever it may be, your feet have stories to tell.

EMBRACE your feet!

"I'd rather not have people looking at my feet"

Adding a little something to your feet won't get people starring at all your imperfections but will make people go "ohhh" "ahhhh" and even things like "those are really nice" or "where did you get those?"

My recommendation is starting with something simple yet elegant as that can really take the edge off for those who don't like their feet. By adding a little something to your feet like my Mina barefoot sandal, my Aura barefoot sandal or even my Anahita barefoot sandal will definitely get you compliments.

You won't be disappointed!


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