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There really is some amazing history into #wedding day #traditions. When I think of tradition, I look at things like....where did it originally come from and why or is this something that is necessary and can this tradition be broken. Let's take a small dive into some of these traditions and where they came from.

Each week, I will put out another wedding tradition blog as I find it fascinating to see how far we have come from what use to be or if the tradition is still somewhat the same, so stay tuned because these line-up of blogs is gonna get interesting.


We are in the 21st century and most brides will carry flowers down the aisle that can range from #lavish and large to #simple and #elegant. Many brides have even broken this tradition by carrying things like #lanterns down the aisle, but do you know much about the tradition and the reason behind the flowers and where this tradition came from?

Don't laugh, but I found this quite intriguing and it gives a whole new meaning to why the flowers.

It's not abnormal in today's world for people to have a #shower every day. Depending on what you do during the day, you might even have 2 showers. Hey, we like to stay #clean and keep ourselves #fresh, nothing wrong with that. Going back 70-100 years ago, you might find that many people only bathed about once a week. That was actually quite normal for majority of the population back then. Always wash your hands before eating, but a weekly bath to stay fresh and clean.

Now let's go back even further, say around the 15th century or thereabouts and you will find a whole new world of why a bride carried flowers. There was no such thing as daily baths or even weekly/monthly baths, unless you were part of the rich crowd and even then it was not daily. For many, having an annual bath was the "thing" to do each spring. Those annual baths traditionally took place around the month of May and many brides would take advantage of this and have their wedding sometime between late spring and early summer. They wanted to stay fresh and clean for their husbands to be which is why they would also carry with them some fresh herbs and flowers to cover up any smell that may have occurred during the time of when they bathed last to their wedding day. This is also why traditionally speaking, late spring and early summer are busy for weddings.

Stay tuned for more interesting wedding traditions coming your way. Got one of your own, list it in the comments and I can dive into that to find out more.


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