Knowing how to properly take care of your barefoot sandals is extremely important.

1.  When your package arrives in the mail, please avoid using any sharp objects to open it up.  If you use any type of sharp object (scissors, utility knife, etc.) this can potentially result in you cutting your product. 

2.  Do not stretch the cord too much.  Barefoot Designs by Crystal uses a special stretch cord in different thicknesses for different styles.  Even though there are several knots with a touch of a special glue that is used on the knot to hold it together, if the product is stretched too much the end result may be the cord potentially breaking. 

3.  Barefoot Sandals are meant to be worn alone, but can be worn with shoes if that is what you choose to do.  That said, Barefoot Designs by Crystal highly recommends that you wear your design under your shoe, not over.  If you decide to wear it over your shoe, force while trying to take your shoes off may result in the breakage of your barefoot sandal.

4.  The number one question Barefoot Designs by Crystal gets asked is, "Can I wear my barefoot sandal in the pool or hot tub?"  It is not recommended that any barefoot jewelry be worn in a pool or hot tub as the chemicals that are used to keep them clean are very harsh on the jewels and may take the finish right off.  Barefoot Designs by Crystal uses a variety of different types of beads (Glass, Acrylic, Silver Plated) and chemicals such as Chlorine and Bromine will strip the finish off or may even tarnish.

5.  If you go in salt water, please remember to rinse them off with fresh water immediately and dry them immediately with a soft cloth.  The salt particles can collect and create a build up on your product, which could potentially create a breakage in the elastic cord as the tiny particles of salt rub together on the elastic cord.

6.  Never use jewellery cleaner on your product as certain cleaners contain chemicals that may damage your product rather than clean them, instead use a soft cloth.

7.  If your product has a metal charm that is placed on the top part of your foot, please remember that if you plan on wearing your barefoot sandals in the sun for long periods of time the charm can get hot so it's extremely important to keep this in mind when wearing them.

8. Do not go in any water with chain barefoot sandals on.  Keep them in a dry place when not in use and I always recommend saving the bag they come in so that you can also store them in that when not in use.


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