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Crystal Miller - Owner - Creative Designer

Not Your Average All About Me Info

Hi, I'm Crystal!  I am the person behind the business name.  I could provide you with a boring, perfect grammar all about me paragraph in regards to what my qualifications are for running this business....but I won't.  What I will tell you is that I am a bit of a perfectionist (which can be a good thing, but it is also my worst downfall).  I am the slave to a 9 year old dwarf bunny named Daisy who at times makes me believe I am looking after a 2 year old as she likes to test the waters with what she can and cannot do.  I am a HUGE Celine Dion fan and have seen her three times in concert and would love nothing more than to meet her.  My all time favorite movie is..... no judging... The Little Mermaid.

At this moment, I am not making any products such as my barefoot sandals, hair accessories or doing any custom orders.​ I do hope to begin creating beautiful pieces soon in the near future but until then, please enjoy everything that has been listed.

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Your bridal barefoot sandal specialist since 2015 shipping all over the world since 2017.

A product in the making.
Where the designing begins.
How I stay organized!
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